Common sense and straight talk were a prevailing themes of the latest Annexation Task Force meeting held at Carnegie Town Hall Thursday night.

Part of being in Sioux Falls means compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Colleen Moran who is the ADA Coordinator says the standards such as for sidewalks don’t necessarily have to be met immediately upon annexation.

“The connectivity and travel for pedestrians is one of those issues. If someone in your community develops a disability, they then might need to have a sidewalk for that purpose. They need to be able to travel in your neighborhood even though they don’t have that need right now. There are times when things will trigger the need for a pathway in a community that doesn’t have one.”

Planning and Building Services Director Mike Cooper feels the return for property taxes paid for city services is universal.

“Those taxes go to provide a variety of services and those services might be provided by the city, township or school district. Not everybody that’s paying for these services is necessarily going to use all of them, but they’re still paying for them.”

Citizen concern for the high price tag for assessments was still present. Although Assistant City Attorney Danny Brown says the city could charge a zero percent interest rate on money owed if city ordinance were changed.

Additionally Task Force Chair Rick Kiley recounted how the edge of the city used to be at 37th and Prairie during his youth. Kiley believes having such growth is phenomenal.

“Never did I believe that the city would expand in the four directions that it has today. That’s the sign of a healthy, vibrant community. As the city begins to encroach on these other communities that were separate (from Sioux Falls) and now basically being engulfed by the city, we need to find a way to work together.”

The next annexation task force meeting is scheduled for June 14 at Carnegie Town Hall.

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