Dancing With The Sioux Falls Stars was this past weekend and I was one of the 'celebrities' chosen to compete.

I am posting the Video, but keep in mind that I've already beat myself up a lot so any negative comments you can keep to yourself because I've probably told myself worse.

My competition was Jeremy Cauwels of Sanford Health, Jim Berman of KSFY, Dave Roetman, Treasurer of the Republican Party, Charles W. Heyer of Avera, and Terry Liggins of The Hurdle Life Coach.

I literally have been wanting to do this for five years. I was so excited to have been chosen to perform and the event is a fundraiser for NAMI Sioux Falls. They do tons of great things for mental health awareness and treatment here in the Sioux Empire. I believe the evening raised around $20,000. That is all amazing.

However, I am a little disappointed. I know I probably just sound like a sore loser, but I literally got the lowest score. I really don't think I deserved that.

First of all, when the lineup was revealed, I found out I was going first. Not thrilled. I wasn't happy about that. The dress rehearsal went great. I felt really good about rehearsal, all the other couples were awesome. Also, I was working on four hours of sleep because I went to Celine Dion in Minneapolis the night before. (She was amazing by the way.)

In all honesty, after the dress rehearsal, I didn't think I would win. I thought I would hold my own, but Terry had a flip! A real deal flip. Hard to compete with that.

Then comes showtime. I was way more nervous than I thought I would be. Going first really freaked me out. The dance starts and our lighting cue was weird. We danced in the dark for awhile. Then I missed a step and totally reacted. I tried to keep it together for the rest of the routine, but I was so angry with myself. Then we had to take the judge's critiques and answer questions from the hosts. Honestly, I was so in my head and disappointed in myself that I don't really know what was said. I fumbled out some words. It was a blur.

I know I didn't dance it as well as I wanted to, but I was coming to terms with it. Then we got our scores and I realized I scored the lowest. What?!?!?! Again, I'm fully aware that it wasn't my best, but the last place hurt. A lot.

We danced to Lizzo's "Tempo" and Kygo and Whitney Houston "Higher Love". As the only female 'celebrity' I was really trying to go out there and be confident and rep the ladies, just like Lizzo would have wanted me to. I feel like I let her down! Girl, I tried.

People have been asking me to post a video of the dance and I was hesitant to do so because watching it is literally painful for me. I know I've danced it better. People ask me all the time since I'm on the radio, if hearing my own voice is hard, and it's not, but watching myself is a whole different kind of torture.

But on a very different and positive note, I would like to thank first and foremost NAMI Sioux Falls for inviting me to participate. I'd also like to thank, my partner, Jordan Boyd, for being awesome. I'm so proud of your choreography. Together we had a well thought out dance complete with costumes, a theme, and a message. (Give him a follow on Instagram will ya @jordanisaac19xx and know he's available to choreograph weddings or events! He teaches at Champion Legacy here in town! He's amazing!)

I'd also like to thank my glam squad! Katlyn Zacharias for my hair and Summer Van Veen for my make up! Even though I didn't win, I still looked good!

And a big thank you to Cierra at Fully Promoted Sioux Falls for our custom made shirts! They are awesome and I was very picky! You nailed it!

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