Eating a cookie off of one's forehead is a viral video trend that comes and goes. Videos have been going around as far back as 2017 of people doing it with Oreos and other assorted sweet treats.

But since it is the new year, and both Tasha and I have done our fair share of crushing sweets and savory flavors for the last month and a half, we thought we could do a low-calorie version of the challenge and help us to shed some of that holiday weight and also burn some clock before Psychic Tiff called in this morning.

The challenge itself is quite simple. Place the item on your forehead and manipulate your body and the muscles in your face to guide it down to your mouth for a bite.

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We used two different types of rice cakes. We used rice crisps first that were roughly the size of an oreo and weigh about as much as a feather. Getting them to move slowly and gently was tough. Then the traditional full-size rice cakes were used. They are about four or five inches in diameter and don't weigh a whole lot more than the crisps.

It had been probably 20 years since I ate a rice cake. If they are flavored they are a pretty solid snack. If they are unflavored they are like eating styrofoam. Might as well gnaw on a ream of 11.5 inch by 8.5 inch paper. At least that way you'd get some fiber.

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