When comedians from New York to L.A. signed up for the Sno-Jam Comedy Festival - in a notoriously cold February in South Dakota - they readily brought the cold weather gear. Normally, a smart move.

Not so much this time. Could've just stayed with the Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts.

The weather over the 3-day festival was mild to say the least with temperatures well over the normal highs for this time of year.

However, this didn't prevent the 2nd annual from getting scheduled. Next year’s dates are scheduled for Feb. 15-17, 2018.

The Sno Jam Comedy Festival was held at Wacko’s Comedy Club on E. 10th, and Fernson brewery in downtown Sioux Falls.

The best part? According to KDLT News, the festival raised nearly $2,000 for the Special Olympics of South Dakota.


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