The Sioux Falls Police Department says a woman stabbed her boyfriend in their apartment on Valentine's day following an argument.

"Apparently this really upset the girlfriend. She grabbed a knife and ended up stabbing her boyfriend in the upper chest. She left after that. He ended up calling some people," Public Information Officer Sam Clemens. "Eventually we were able to get an ambulance there and take him to the hospital. Nothing serious. It was a non-life threatening injury. Later on we were able to find her. She was arrested for aggravated assault domestic."

Clemens says calls like this one are much too common in Sioux Falls.

"We have a lot of domestics that happen. Sometimes people are threatening others. Sometimes they are using weapons.In this case, the woman grabbed a knife inside the apartment and used it."

Clemens identified the girlfriend as 33-year-old Geanana Lalli of Sioux Falls.

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