If you're going through tough times right now and don't think life is worth living, read on! I would like to introduce you to a Sioux Falls woman who genuinely loves life!

Carol Nesbitt is a believer in the power of giving!

"There was a guy who told me this great story. A nun said if you have a nickel, that's five cents more than someone else and you should be sharing it. We are all blessed in life with something. It's our obligation to go out and share with others. That can be your time, or talent, or your treasures. I look for a way in the community to utilize my time and talents.in whatever way that I can and in areas that I love. Some people don't take the opportunity to volunteer in the community. There is really something for everyone!"

For Carol that means spending time at Dougherty Hospice House in Sioux Falls.

"I am what is called an 11 hour volunteer. We are called to sit with people who are close to death. They have no family or a family that is alienated. Perhaps, their family isn't able to be with them. Our philosophy is that no one should die alone. I really believe that. I'm one of the people called in when there is no one to be with the person that is near death. I might hold their hand. I might read some scripture. I might sing softly to them. Whatever I can do to help ease their fears at this time of life. A lot of them are not communicative. But, it doesn't mean they don't hear because hearing is the last sense to go. I try to reassure them of God's love and his mercy. It's a very scarey thing. No one knows what happens when you die. But, if someone is with you saying everything is going to be all right, that's a reassuring thing."

Carol, who's father was an undertaker, is not afraid of death.

"I know it's part of our journey. I've just been very blessed to be surrounded  with many people. Although I deal directly with guests at the Dougherty House, there are many ways to help out. Go ahead and bake cookies! There is a couple that just comes in and works with the gardens. They are responsible for all the beautiful flowers at the House. We all have things that we can do. I know of people that help out at the Humane Society. Go over there and pet some puppies. There are just so many ways to give of your time. It's not about what you take away. It's about what Christ is challenging us to do. Remember, when you reach out to others, you are taking the focus off you!"

Carol Nesbitt doesn't just talk about serving others.  The Sioux Falls woman is a woman of faith who is helping others with her time and love!

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