Sioux Falls teens got caught while checking car doors Thursday night and then taking items from the vehicles.

Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says it took place in the 900 block of North Archer Drive.

"Somebody saw some teenagers breaking into a car. They called police and officers actually stopped their car nearby a few blocks away. They found four teenagers inside the car as well as a BB gun in there. One of the teenager boys had shot out a car window in that neighborhood. Three of them went out and were going through different cars. Sounds like just some change was taken. But, the officers were able to figure out who the victims were. Two of the boys were arrested. A third one had left before the officers stopped the car."

In another incident, Clemens says a call to police resulted in the arrests of two Sioux Falls men allegedly entering unlocked cars.

"This one happened after 2:00 A.M. Thankfully, a witness called police when they saw it taking place. The officers found the two suspects. Both of them were arrested for criminal entry to a motor vehicle."

Clemens identified the two men as Liam Storts and John Rose, both of Sioux Falls