Thursday morning, Sioux Falls Police blocked the 11th Street viaduct for less than an hour. The explanation given by authorities builds a pretty strong case for doing so.

According to a press release issued by Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens, the suspect at the center of the investigation, 42-year old Larry Wayne Moss of Sioux Falls was potentially involved in a domestic assault. The report came around 3:30 AM Sunday that Moss allegedly kicked, strangled and threatened someone with a gun.

Subsequently, warrants for aggravated assault and simple assault were issued for Moss and he was taken into custody on Wednesday. As the investigation continued, police learned that Moss could also be involved in selling drugs and weapons.

Those revelations led police to three trailer homes near 201 South Franklin Avenue around 11:00 AM Thursday (January 31) where a search warrant for drugs and weapons was served. Since there was potential that other people were involved and a strong possibility of danger in conducting a search, the street was blocked and the SWAT teams from both Sioux Falls Police and Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office were deployed.

No one was taken into custody during the search and the investigation continues to run its course.


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