If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! A Sioux Falls senior knows that for a fact after being scammed by a caller claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House.

"A 73-year-old woman received a phone call. The caller said she won a large sum of money and a car," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens.

"They then told her she had to pay some money to cover the fees before she would be able to get the prizes. She wired them about six hundred dollars. They called back and told her they needed another thousand dollars. She told them she wouldn't do a thousand dollars. But, she could wire three hundred dollars. Again, they called back again and asked for more money. It was then when she realized it was a scam."

Clemens says if a caller requests money up front---hang up the phone!

"Most of these scams are the same. Somebody calls and says there is a large prize that's out there. They need money for fees. The problem is those calls never stop! They want more and more money. There is no prize money that is ever delivered."

Clemens says the victim contacted Publishers Clearing House and was told she was not a winner.

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