It's hard to believe that the start of the school year is just around the corner. Even school supplies are appearing within department stores for back to school shopping. And with that comes the plans for what the SFSD leaders to implement in regards to the upcoming 2020 academic school year.

According to Dakota News Now, The Sioux Falls School District is still planning on having traditional learning in the classroom,  along with .."on-campus modified delivery, remote learning, and virtual learning."

In-person classes begin on Thursday, August 27.

Health services within the SFSD will assist in determining the health and safety practices that will be required for both students and facility. Parents of children within the Sioux Falls School District will be given a daily checklist to go over before sending their child to school every morning.

Staff members will be encouraged to wear cloth face masks; however, if a staff member is working with a student closer than six feet for longer than fifteen minutes they will be required to wear a face shield and or face mask. The district says it will spend $7.8 million on coronavirus related expenditures.

For more information than what has been stated here on the Sioux Falls School District plan for this academic school year click HERE.

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