Three years ago, I was sent a tweet from Santa. Well, not the real Santa, it was the Santa associated with Sioux Falls Santacon. Santa invited me to check out the event that weekend.

I had a friend coming to town to visit so I suggested we check it out, not really knowing what to expect. And now it has become a holiday tradition.

Sioux Falls SantaCon is a way of spreading holiday cheer by dressing up in your favorite holiday attire (doesn't have to be Santa), meeting new people, and checking out some of the local watering holes here in town.

Courtesy of Gina Rauk DTSF
Courtesy of Gina Rauk DTSF

The Sioux Falls SantaCon Facebook Page describes the event as follows:

Sioux Falls SantaCon is a free holiday pub crawl that exists solely to spread Christmas cheer and merriment. Join us DTSF on Saturday, December 17, 2016!

This year's Santacon starts on Saturday, December 17th at 5pm at Wiley's.

There are a few rules, however.

  1. Pay for everything in cash. Closing out a tab takes too long.
  2. Being rude or belligerent is not part of the holiday merriment, so you will be asked to leave.
  3. Don't drink and sleigh (drive). Drink responsibly.

To get all the updates on Santacon check out their Facebook and Twitter!

Plus, this will be a good way to support our downtown businesses during this difficult time.

Here is a snippet of the fun from Santacons past.

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