Despite two recent road rage incidents involving shots fired in the last week, police say the number of road rage incidents is not increasing. However, the violence transpiring during the incidents has escalated.

According to the Sioux Falls Police Department, the number of road rage incidents is about two to three each week. Most are over by the time the police arrive on the scene. Others require police intervention.

“People will call into the dispatch center and say ‘Hey, this person in front of me is driving erratically,’ and dispatch will put the information out there, but we may never find that vehicle,” said Sioux Falls Police Capt. Loren McManus.

The most recent road rage incident took place on Sunday (July 2) near West 37th Street and South Terry Avenue. In that case shots were fired resulting in the arrest of Eric Harris and Antyon Hamilton Hogan, according to KDLT News.

Captain McManus says the safest way to handle a road rage incident is to remove yourself from the situation. People should make note of certain details that will be helpful to police, including a license plate number, a description of the vehicle and any details of the suspects involved.

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