Facebook video from South Dakota has gone viral and is now grabbing the hearts of the nation.  In fact, this video was taken right at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport.

McKenzie and her family were getting ready to board a plane for Arizona to visit her parents.  The Brandon native works in the hospitality industry and was initially nervous about flying just like many other individuals have been over the past year.   Knowing that her parents are fully vaccinated and the airlines along with hotels have taken a lot of precautions and safety measures to ensure safety while traveling, McKenzie felt a bit more confident taking this vacation with her family.

Little did McKenzie know that one employee from the Sioux Falls Regional Airport would provide a top-notch performance juggling batons for her family while they were waiting to board their flight!  McKenzie's son, Maddex was especially mesmerized by the little show.

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McKenzie captured the moment and posted the sweet video on her Facebook page. She shared this sentiment with her Facebook friends, "This lady is my hero-thank you for making traveling so fun!!"  This 12-second video has actually been garnering a lot of national media attention from various television stations across the country including Fox 11 Los Angeles and Fox 10 Phoenix.

Once I saw the adorable video, I had to reach out to McKenzie to know more.  In all honesty, McKenzie never thought this video would go viral.  McKenzie just wanted to show her appreciation to the kind employee at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport.  "We’re on vacation and a little disconnected. I wasn’t aware of any national attention, we were just sharing how awesome this lady was."

McKenzie said they were feeling super nervous, so this lady made their day! In fact, McKenzie recently found out this Sioux Falls Regional Airport employee is a 2nd-grade teacher during the week at Central Lyon Elementary School. She’s been juggling and teaching for 35 years!

What a great gesture that is truly going a long way!

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