Sioux Falls outdoor aquatic centers will be closed today for rather obvious reasons. It is too cold and it's going to rain all day.

The locations of the closed locations are:

  • Drake Springs Family Aquatic Center—301 South Fairfax Avenue
  • Frank Olson Pool—4101 East 16th Street
  • Kuehn Park Pool—2309 Kuehn Park Road
  • Laurel Oak Family Aquatic Center—3401 East 49th Street
  • McKennan Wading Pool—1500 South Third Avenue
  • Pioneer Spray Park—East Pine Street/North Jessica Avenue
  • Terrace Park Family Aquatic Center—1001 West Madison Street

The Midco Aquatic Center will be open tonight until 8:00 P.M.

When I was a kid the cold didn't seem to matter much. We didn't care how cold it was. Mom didn't want us to go unless it was at least 70 degrees. We'd sit and watch the Beresford Cablevision channel waiting for the temp to hit that mark. As soon as it did we headed out on our bikes. But one time it backfired and the pool wasn't even open when we got there.

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