Police Captain Loren McManus says a second man has been arrested in Sioux Falls for fraudulent credit cards.

"There was an individual who had left the scene of a business when the case first opened up. That person had contacted the rental car company to try to get back into a vehicle that he and the other person had rented. The rental card company was not able to provide him with a key because he was not allowed to have access to the vehicle,: explained McManus.

"The rental company sent a tow truck to retrieve the vehicle. When they got there, the individual was standing around. We got notified and showed up. Once we had a conversation with the man, we were pretty sure he was the person who ran from the scene."

McManus says 26-year-old Luis Sagarra Calderin of Miami was taken into custody.

"Through the investigation we charged him with two counts of identity theft and one count of obtaining services with a fraudulent credit card."

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