Sioux Falls police say it's that time of year when bikes are being ripped off from the owners.

"People leave bikes outside and don't lock them up. We have other people that are walking by and take the opportunity to hop on the bike and go on their merry way," said Sioux Falls Police spokesman Sam Clemens. "The other thing that goes along with stolen bikes: many of the bikes are not registered with the Sioux Falls Police Department."

Clemens says registering the bikes protects the owners.

"They fill out the forms that list details - the size of the bike, the make, model and the serial number. Just as important is a sticker that goes on the bike. If there is a sticker on the bike and officers find it, there is a great chance of getting it back to the owner. Without the sticker [and] most people don't record the serial number, it's really difficult in returning the bike back to the owner."

Clemens says five bikes were reported stolen on Tuesday in Sioux Falls.

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