Sioux Falls Police Lt. Mike Colwill has released the names of two men in a murder suicide case.

"One of the subjects has been identified as 45-year-old Ronald Douglas Cook of Sioux Falls, a tenant of the apartment. The other male is identified as 36-year-old Brett Alan Thooft of Sioux Falls.

"We believe that Mr. Cook and Mr. Thooft were acquaintances. Based upon our investigation and evidence located on the scene of the apartment, we believe that on Sunday April 30th, Mr. Thooft and Mr. Cook got into a physical altercation. At some point, Mr. Cook produced a 40 caliber handgun and placed two rounds into Mr. Thooft which resulted in Mr. Thooft's death."

"We believe that on Monday May 1st, Mr. Cook used that same 40 caliber handgun and took his own life."

Colwill says the investigation into the murder suicide is nearing its end.

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