In light of the deadly shooting spree in Las Vegas, Sioux Falls Police Captain Loren McManus has this response.

"You know all the staff here at the Sioux Falls Police Department are certainly keeping good thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families in Las Vegas. This is especially important for the emergency services workers that have to respond to that scene. They have a pretty arduous journey ahead of them as they pretty much put it back together again. We are keeping good thoughts for them."

Is Sioux Falls prepared if a similar situation were to happen here?

"To a certain level yes we are. I don't know if we can ever be fully prepared for all the contingencies that are out there. But we do have some very specific training that our officers have a very high level skill set that will allow them to deal with whatever they met with."

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaaard has asked that flags be lowered to half staff between now and this Friday.

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