Sioux Falls Police say officers are investigating several Wednesday night incidents involving juveniles.

"The drug transaction happened. The buyer found out it wasn't what they paid for. There was a meeting set up. That didn't happen. The two cars that were leaving that scene had a road rage incident that ended up at a fight disturbance in the 800 Block of South Prairie Avenue," explained Sioux Falls Police Captain Loren McManus.

"After we figured out what was going on we had between eight and twelve juveniles involved in the event. We had one juvenile who had a minor arm injury from the crash. We also have several traffic citations that were issued out of the crash."

McManus says a third car may have been involved in road rage with the other vehicles.

"We can only assume what we learned based upon the scene---the two vehicles that had the crash at 21st Street and Prairie Avenue were allegedly being chased by a black vehicle. They split apart to try to get away from the black vehicle. By coincidence THE two cars entered the intersection at the same time from different directions. That's how the crash happened."

McManus says the investigation into the crash continues.

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