A Sioux Falls man has been arrested in connection with a fire in his garage on Sunday.

"We had a man inside his garage," Police Spokesman Sam Clemens told us. "Apparently he was messing around with some gasoline and spilled it on the couch in the garage. He ended up starting the couch on fire which caused the garage to catch on fire. He stuck around and officers saw him and talked to him trying to figure out what happened."

Clemens says the man gave the police officers a lot of different versions of how the fire started.

"Eventually, we were able to figure out he used some matches to light the gasoline on fire. He was arrested for 1st degree arson. It turns out he was drinking cough syrup with codeine and so he was arrested for ingesting."

Clemens says it's not known why 28-year-old Michael Dean Post decided to set the couch on fire.

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