When a Sioux Falls woman saw her boyfriend in a car with another woman on Saturday, Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says she was really upset.

"The woman used her SUV and rammed it into the man's car, which then hit an apartment building where it was parked. That caused quite a bit of damage. She took off after that point in time. When he was out of the car, the woman drove back and tried to run him over."

That's when the man retaliated!

"He used a socket wrench and slammed it into a window in the SUV and then swung the tool. It struck her in the head. We were able to sort things out. She was found nearby. She was arrested for DWI, aggravated assault and intentional damage to property. He was arrested for aggravated assault for using the socket wrench to injure her."

Clemens says both of them are suspects and victims. Because of Marsy's law, police are unable to release their names.

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