Sioux Falls Police Department Information Officer Sam Clemens says an ad on eBAY for a lawn tractor turned out to be a scam.

"The person thought it was a good deal and ended up getting in contact with the seller. He thought everything was legitimate. The seller asked the victim to wire $2,500 for the lawn tractor. Once the money was sent the seller contacted the victim and asked for more money. That's when the victim realized it was a scam."

Clemens says you really have to be cautious when you're buying on line.

"There's a lot of legitimate buying and selling that takes place. But, you need to protect yourself. Wiring money can always be a dangerous thing. Certainly, there are lot of instances where it works. But, this is a preferred method from the scammers because that money is untraceable. Once they get the account number the money can be withdrawn anywhere in the world."

Clemens says the victim of the scam will probably never get his money back.

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