Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says two more guns were stolen from unlocked cars this week in the city.

"One car was left unlocked. The owner knows that. The other car, they thought it may have been locked. But, there wasn't any damage done to the car which leads us to believe it was probably unlocked," explained Clemens.

"Both of these incidents took place Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. One of the weapons was a 38 caliber gun. The other was a 45 caliber gun. These thefts are another example of people leaving guns behind and somebody comes along taking advantage of the situation."

If you don't think your vehicle will ever be vandalized, here's what Clemens has to say.

"It's really just a matter of time before somebody will stumble upon your car. If it's unlocked, they will help themselves to whatever is inside. The best thing people can do is this: take any valuables out of the car and into their home. The next best thing is to make sure the car is locked."

Clemens says an average of one to two guns are ripped off from vehicles each month.

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