Sioux Falls finest got an unexpected surprise on Monday. The boys in blue who are tasked with the job to protect and to serve the citizens of the Sioux Empire received a surprise dose of the COVID-19 vaccine courtesy of Sanford Hospital.

Dakota News Now is reporting that Sanford was able to get some extra doses of the vaccine to first responders a little earlier than anticipated.

Lieutenant Jon Thum with the Sioux Falls Police Department told Dakota News Now, “It’s a nice feeling that after many, many months of dealing with this that were moving toward a new normal. We have become accustomed to life with Covid, now start transitioning to hopefully a life where Covid isn’t part of our daily conversation.”

Who can expect to get inoculated next? According to the Department of Health, soon educators, people 65 or older, people with two or more underlying medical conditions, and residents in group homes will be eligible to receive doses of the COVID vaccine.

The Federal Government hopes to have a large enough supply of the vaccine on hand to be able to get it to every American who wants it by the summer of 2021.

Source: Dakota News Now

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