On Friday the 13th, 2021, Sioux Falls Police apprehended a dangerous assault suspect by the name of Jason Vorhees.

According to a press release from the Sioux Falls Police Department, officers were called to Camp Crystal Lake for a report of a man running around the campground wearing overalls, a hockey mask and carrying a knife. It was reported that Vorhees was terrorizing people at the campground.

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Sioux Falls Police coordinated with the Camp Crystal Lake Police Department to apprehend Vorhees at around 1113 hours. Campers and camp staff resumed their normal Friday evening activities.

A Sioux Falls Police spokesman said this kind of activity seems to ramp up on Friday the 13th and specifically around campgrounds. He speculated that Vorhees could have been imitating something he saw in a horror movie from the 80s.

The spokesman would not confirm if Vorhees is connected to the alleged attack of the "My Pillow Guy" in Sioux Falls last week.

An investigation is ongoing.

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