Three male suspects attempted to rob a pizza delivery driver in the 700 Block of South Dakota Avenue in Sioux Falls.

"Some people ordered a pizza," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens. "When the delivery driver went to take it to an apartment, three guys came out of a laundry room that was near the apartment. Two of them had a knife. They told the woman that it was a robbery."

"She swung the pizza delivery bags at them. They ended up leaving with one of the pizza bags. Fortunately, she wasn't injured."

When asked if the driver did the right thing, Clemens had this response.

'It was probably just a gut reaction. We always tell people to comply, especially if they have weapons. That way you aren't putting your way in extra harm."

"For somebody to jump out behind her it was probably a reaction to swing the pizzas. She didn't chase after them. She did get a good description and called people. We certainly encourage people to do that as well."

Clemens says the suspects are described as three black men five foot six to five foot eight inches tall.

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