The outdoor ice rinks and warming houses in Sioux Falls may be closed, but presumably not for long. A dash of cold and snow should firm things up again.

On Friday, Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation made the decision to pull the plug on the six outdoor facilities. Persistent warm conditions for the past week made ice conditions unfavorable.

Compounding matters were not just daytime highs in the 30’s and 40’s. Little to no refreezing took place overnight with temperatures hovering just above or below 30.

Even though the City made the closure announcement, winter-like conditions should return to the Sioux Falls area soon. Snow is expected tomorrow (January 24) with below freezing temperatures to follow as the end of the month approaches.

Memorial Park Ice Rink
Dan Peters/Results Radio

Some water will be needed at the Memorial Park Ice Rink inside the boards to provide a base for that facility. Otherwise when Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation deems conditions favorable, the announcement will come. Updates will be available at the Parks and Recreation Facebook page or Twitter account.

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