I think we can all agree the face of Halloween is going to look quite a bit different this year thanks to COVID-19.

Some of us might be wearing a mask under our mask. Or worse yet, some of us might be taking it one step further, and sitting the holiday out altogether, per the recommendation of many of the health experts.

If your game plan is to still try and celebrate All Hallows' Eve, you might find yourself struggling for the right costume for your kids this Halloween.

That's where the gang at Two Men and a Truck come in with their "boxtumes."

Dakota News Now is reporting the Michigan-based company is showing people how to make a “boxtume” as a way to entertain kids who are spending more and more time at home social distancing thanks to the pandemic.

According to Two Men and a Truck, making a "boxtume" is also an excellent way to stay home instead of having to go out to buy your Halloween costume. Two Men and a Truck are offering a handful of designs that are customized specifically to the year 2020. Two great examples of that are the Zoom Call, “boxtume,” and the Quarantine Couch Potato.

If you would like to give a "boxtume" a try this Halloween, you can see a couple of tutorials on how to make your own costume at home using boxes at the Two Men and a Truck website.

Source: Dakota News Now

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