McDonald's has been long regarded as the largest hamburger chain in the world. But is it really the burgers that they're famous for?

I beg to differ. When my family and I want a great burger, McDonald's isn't even on our list of choices.

If you've ever seen the workers back in the cooking area that's in full view from the customer counter, it doesn't look like they are preparing hamburger. To me, it looks similar to a frozen hockey puck.

Hey, this place that claims to be the top burger joint recently removed cheeseburgers from the kids's meals. I would say their claim to fame should be kid's toy distributor and all day breakfast.

However, breaking news! Somebody at McDonald's just realized maybe it would be smart to do a change that starts with their burgers.

Starting in May, McDonald's will be offering cooked to order burgers made from fresh beef. I salute them, and I can't wait to try one! They've always had the best fries in my book. So I will order the Quarter Pounder with cheese meal.

And because I consider myself a beef connoisseur, I will put it to the proper test. Before biting into it, I will turn it sideways and squeeze. There better be some grease dripping out of it, or it's not the real deal!

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