On Wednesday (May 10) Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether talked about the challenges he’s faced while serving the city, and how rising to a crisis such as flooding or an ice storm brought a sense of satisfaction that he could provide help.

The crisis of child pornography charges against Sioux Falls Fire Chief Jim Sideras was different. Sideras faces 10 counts of child pornography.

"All of those tense, challenging and controversial times, those are the ones that I really relish the most," said Huether. "I have had no satisfaction out of this one."

Huether talked about the angst of receiving the call from Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns. How an 11 mile run in an attempt to undo the stress brought no relief.

Sioux Falls residents have stopped Huether to ask how he is doing.

"I think they knew how hard this one ultimately was for our city our team and maybe even for the mayor."

Huether says he has not heard from Sideras and he has not reached out to him either.  He recognizes members of Sioux Falls fire rescue, law enforcement, emergency responders and residents are shocked and hurting.

He does see a brighter future ahead, saying strength will come through a difficult time.

When asked what his thoughts are now after just weeks ago praising Sideras at the announcement of his upcoming retirement date, he responded "I was not alone in how we talked about and viewed Jim Sideras."

The city terminated employment of Sideras on May 2, the same day a search warrant was executed at his home.

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