Sioux Falls Police say a man and woman were caught at a local motel on drug charges Tuesday afternoon.

"We had some people at a motel that smelled marijuana coming from a room. The staff ended up calling police. Officers also smelled the marijuana in a hallway," said Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

"When they knocked on the door, officers found a man and woman inside. They had been apparently selling drugs inside. They found about six grams of marijuana, a scale, and 28 prescription pills. Those two were arrested on a variety of drug charges."

Clemens says drug deals in Sioux Falls happen more often than most people think.

"There are a lot of people dealing. It could be meth. It could be marijuana. It could be pills. We take this stuff very seriously. Anytime we see drug deals taking place those people are charged with distribution which are a little bit higher classification."

Clemens identified the 18-years-old couple arrested as Tanner Clark and Ruby Hofer. Both are from Sioux Falls.

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