Sioux Falls Police Captain Loren McManus says a man was arrested early Thursday morning for biting off the tip of his friend's nose in a fight.

"We had two guys that actually were friend for awhile. They were out for the evening and there was some alcohol involved in this particular call. The one friend was trying to convince the other friend that maybe it was time to call it a night and get some rest for work the next day. There was an argument that started and then a physical altercation started. During that altercation at some point, the suspect actually bit the tip of the victims' nose off."

McManus says the nose tip was located later on.

"Not sure if it was Sioux Falls Fire Rescue or the paramedics---one of them found the tip of the nose. They were able to recover that and at least take it to the hospital with him."

McManus says 28-year-old Ryan Lunderman was arrested on aggravated assault charges.

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