The Sioux Falls Police Department says a second person has accused 75-year-old David Hirsch of inappropriate sexual contact with a child.

"We had an adult that contact a detective over the weekend. He was able to talk to her Tuesday morning," said Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

"The detective found out that she had been molested by David Hirsch as well. This took place probably about 23 years ago when the woman was then eight years old. The more alarming part was the in-home day care that was run on Hirsch's home."

Clemens encourages other victims to contact Sioux Falls Police.

"We just want to let the victims know that they can come and talk to us. At least this is an outlet and really gives the victims a chance to heal."

Hirsch was arrested after a girl told police she was sexually abused in 2012 by the Sioux Falls man.

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