Now that the leaves are popping and everything is turning green, the City of Sioux Falls is issuing a reminder that if your lawn is over 8 inches tall, it's time to mow. There is also an ordinance regarding controlling weeds on your property as well.

“One of the significant reasons that Sioux Falls is such a great city is because of the efforts of responsible property owners maintaining their homes and businesses according to community standards,” says Matt Tobias, Code Enforcement Manager.

Should a property fail to meet the standards, a city official looks at the property, sends a letter if there is a violation, and follows up with a $100 fine and charge for the mowing if the landowner doesn't mow or remove the weeds.

Last year during mowing season, nearly 2,000 lawn site visits took place and verified 1,709 violations.

The city of Sioux Falls has a Lawn Enforcement Hotline you can call to report a property or ask questions, by calling 978-6900.

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