If you are in a line of work that puts you at an income of around $55,000 annually, our little city on the little river isn't a bad place to be.

SmartAsset.com crunched some numbers to figure out the best places to live on $55,000 a year. Sioux Falls ranked third on the list. Factors like short commute times, low unemployment, and quality of life were among the factors.

Bismarck, North Dakota was #1 followed by Billings, Montana. Cedar Rapids, Iowa was #12 and Minnesota is apparently a ghastly place to live unless you make significantly more money, although it appears that commute times factored greatly in the survey and driving in the Twin Cities just sucks during rush hour.

The story cited that while median income in Sioux Falls was slightly worse than Bismarck or Billings, quality of life was better.

I will agree on Bismarck, but Billings is out in that Big Sky country, and at least for me, sits on the edge of outdoor paradise. Then again, it is 5 hours from Rapid City, 5 hours from Missoula, and 8 hours from Denver, putting it in the middle of nowhere (but I do love Montana).

What does this mean? I don't know. I don't think it means anything except that for a very specific income bracket is great for those people in Sioux Falls.

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