When you think of a romance, what city comes to mind? Paris? Maybe some time on the Grand Canal in Venice? The top of the Empire State Building in NYC? How about the intersection of 41st and Louise? Well, maybe not there in particular, but Sioux Falls is ranked as one of the most romantic cities in the country.

Redbox, the red DVD dispensing robots that live outside grocery stores, compiled the top 20 most romantic cities in the U.S. based on rentals of romance and romantic comedy movies. Sioux Falls landed in the top 10 for the fourth year at number 7.

It's not just Sioux Falls either. The middle of the country seems to be super romantic. Lincoln, NE, Fargo, Rapid City, Sioux City and North Platte NE all make the list.

When I think romance, I always think about the world's largest rail yard and Buffalo Bill Cody.

Based on 2016 Redbox rentals, here is the list of the top-20 most romantic cities in the country:

  1. Glendive, MT
  2. Columbus, MS
  3. Sherman, TX
  4. Fairbanks, AK
  5. Lake Charles, LA
  6. Columbia, MO
  7. Sioux Falls, SD
  8. Lincoln, NE
  9. Salisbury, MD
  10. Fargo, ND
  11. Medford, OR
  12. St. Joseph, MO
  13. North Platte, NE
  14. Jackson, TN
  15. Santa Barbara, CA
  16. Springfield, MO
  17. Rapid City, SD
  18. Spokane, WA
  19. Sioux City, IA
  20. Bend, OR

Source: Redbox

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