WalletHub was pushing my internet outrage button a little bit this morning. Turns out for no reason.

The website published a list of 2017's best and worst small cities in American to live in. Sioux Falls didn't make the list! How can that be? We're awesome!

We have shiny new buildings uptown (downtown) and a wrinkly, but shiny new event center and grass in the boulevards that require sprinklers and mowing! We're awesome! How can they leave Sioux Falls off of list like this?

We're too big. That's why. Oops!

The ratings were for cities between 25,000 and 100,000 people. Sioux Falls tips the scales at around 175,000.

The list didn't rank the cities from one to whatever, but instead ranked them on a percentile basis, kind of like how our babies get ranked by height and weight at the doctor's office. The percentiles were based on things like affordability, economic growth, education and health, quality of life, and safety.

Two South Dakota towns do fall within this population criteria and fared better than average.

Aberdeen was in the 68th percentile and Rapid City was in the 57th percentile.

While not in the state, nearby Sioux City was in the 59th percentile.

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