Current Sioux Falls mayor Mike Huether is at the end of his time as the mayor of our city. That mean we get to choose a new one this year. Seven people are running for the top office in town.

But, who are these people that will be in charge of plowing the streets? And when is this election? Well, my friend, here are the answers.

The Sioux Falls regular Municipal election will be on Tuesday, April 10. Polls will be open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Then a runoff election will be held May 1, 2018. The voter registration deadline for this election is March 26, 2018. Absentee voting will begin on the same day.

For details on where to vote go HERE.

One woman and six men are running for Sioux Falls mayor in 2018. Here who they are and links to their campaign sites for you learn more about them.

  • Via Twitter @letsgojosf
    Via Twitter @letsgojosf

    Jolene Loetscher


    Kenny Anderson Jr.

  • Via Facebook
    Via Facebook

    Jim Entenman

  • Via Twitter @jamisonformayor
    Via Twitter @jamisonformayor

    Greg Jamison

  • Via Twitter @paultenhaken
    Via Twitter @paultenhaken

    Paul TenHaken


    David Zokaites

  • loading...

    Mike Gunn

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