Violence erupted at a business in Central Sioux Falls Wednesday night.

"A man and a woman were arguing," according to Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens. "A friend stepped in between the two of them. The suspect, a husband, punched the man in the face. The victim left to call for help.

"He realized he had left some things in inside. He went back. It was then when the husband threatened the man with a hammer. Once the wife took the hammer away, the suspect pulled a gun from his waistband. The gun went off. It ended up breaking the glass door and actually hit the suspect's car. The victim wasn't injured. Once the gunshot happened, the victim left the business and called police."

Clemens says the incident could have been deadly.

"We are really fortunate. The victim wasn't injured. It's one thing to pull out a gun. Certainly another thing to shoot it."

Clemens says 41-year-old Aaian Wisall of Sioux Falls was charged with aggravated assault.

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