Kate Wynja missed out on one trophy she really wanted to win, but ended up with one she could have never imagined winning.

The former Sioux Falls Christian golfer made viral news last spring when she admitted filling out an incorrect scorecard at the South Dakota State Golf Tournament, giving up an individual title and a team title.

For her truly mind-blowing display of sportsman ship, Wynja was honored at the 2018 Musial Awards Saturday night in St. Louis.

The Musial Awards, named for Stan "The Man" Musial, honors athletes who display the same type of character and class that its namesake hall of fame baseball player did.

"The way that my parents raised me, how I know how to act in life, if you know something's wrong and you know that it's not right you need to say something," Wynja said in her acceptance speech.

I can personally give another example of the kind of person Kate Wynja is. Her family and mine attend the same church. Two years ago, while my wife was going through her treatment for breast cancer, Kate came over to help out and played with our kids, took them to the park and the pool, kept them out of my wife's hair while she rested and I was painting the kitchen with the help of other friends.

Congratulations, Kate. It's a well deserved honor.

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