It's no secret to residents and longtime business owners in Sioux Falls that life is really good here. Just look around at the growth we've experienced in the last 5,10 and 20 years. With the developers who have an eye for the future of this city and to jump-start, the economy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce is ready to launch a new campaign.

Dakota News Now (Used with permission)
Dakota News Now (Used with permission)

Dakota News Now is reporting that the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce has announced a new marketing campaign aimed to help businesses dealing with the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic: "Be Smart. Be Safe. Get Out There."

Through this entire period of self-quarantine and self-isolation, working from home, the need to wear a face mask, and the constant reminders of proper hygiene in washing our hands, has made us more aware of our surroundings. We distance ourselves from others. Send our spouse to the grocery store. And only wave to our neighbors.

But the business community has struggled like never before. Employee layoffs closed doors and finding new opportunities. Just like one Minnesota based company.

Recently as reported by SiouxFalls.Business, a Minnesota-based business of more than 30 years that was destroyed by rioters, declared he would rebuild his manufacturing company. But not in Minnesota. Kris Wyrobek the owner of 7-Sigma  a manufacturer of industrial products such as rollers for printing presses and mannequins for medical training, is bringing his company with 50 jobs to Sioux Falls.

So let's help Sioux Falls shine as we always have. Be Smart. Be Safe. Get Out There.

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