What was once a tooth and nail fight has proved to be a battle worth winning for most people in southern Sioux Falls.

The past two months have proven that building a Walmart at 85th and Minnesota was the right thing for the area. Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether was “taken to the woodshed” by those in the immediate vicinity initially, but since opening in May that opinion has changed.

“The people that are celebrating the most are in that neighborhood. Many of them are actually working at that Walmart and other locations (in the area). They are finding how convenient it is to get stuff that they need. Almost all of those out lots are already (claimed) for new business.”

This fourth Sioux Falls location has already surpassed the store that recently opened in northwest part of town. Huether credits the factors of population base south of 57th Street as the basis for the successful launch.

“When you factor in the southern part of Sioux Falls and the rest of Lincoln County with Harrisburg, Tea and Lennox along with Iowa, that is one of the most booming communities not only in South Dakota, but also in America.”

Another reason Huether mentions for the southern Walmart’s allure is the prospect of avoiding heavy traffic at 41st and Louise.

Expect more growth to come in that area as the Highway 100 project comes into play over the next five years.

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