Lighting the grill is a wonderful Fourth of July tradition. One of the best choices for what to cook, are hamburgers.

It's pretty much impossible to mess up a burger. But there are a few tips to making the best in the world.

First, choose the right meat. Go with 80% lean and 20% fat more maximum juiciness, because cooking on a grill will dry out the hamburger if it's too lean.

Use caution when making the patty, being careful not to compact the meat too much resulting in a too firm burger. Use the soft touch.

Sear both sides of the burger to lock in the juices. Also avoid pressing on the burgers with your spatula because you will squeeze out the juice.

A couple final touches to mention are, serve immediately and remember to prepare the bun. Don't let the cooked burger to just sit there. Eat it while its hot and juicy.

Your perfect burger deserves a properly prepared bun. Butter the bun and toast it on the grill. You are now ready to enjoy one of the finer things in life.

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