Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns says there has been an increase in drug-related crime during 2016!

In 2016, the Sioux Falls Police Department received 103,698 calls for service. This is a 7.2% percent increase from 2015, and a 19.83% percent increase from 2010. The increase in calls for service is directly related to a increase in the amount of methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin seized in the Sioux Falls area.

Burns says the amount of meth seized roughly translates to nearly 69,000 doses. The value of the methamphetamine seized is over $600,000.

“Those involved in illegal drugs have a tremendous impact on those around them and that impact is not positive,” explains Burns.

“Addiction has a ripple effect on the community, often times resulting in other crimes.”

Drug use and abuse continue to have an impact on the quality of life in and around Sioux Falls. Many drug users resort to other crimes to fund drug addictions, and consequently many people are victimized by this illegal behavior.

The cases handled by the Sioux Falls Area Drug Task Force has increased by nearly 1,000 cases in the past four years. A new Police detective was assigned to that section to assist with the tremendous increase in drug cases.

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