The Sioux Falls Police Department says a Saturday drug theft in southwestern Sioux Falls ended up with gunshots being fired.

"We had a couple of groups of people that met to buy and sell some marijuana. The people that were buying it ended up pulling out a gun and shot several times. People then scattered," explained Public Information Officer Sam Clemens. "We had officers that tracked everybody down. Eventually we found the suspects."

"The two of them were arrested for robbery. We were able to find the victims that had been selling the drugs. Their car had been shot several times. Both of them arrested were arrested. One was a 20-year-old male and the other a 16-year-old. We are still working on other details. There is a good chance that more people will be charged in the future."

Clemens says a small amount of marijuana was involved in the sale.

"I think that speaks to the danger of selling drugs. Buying and selling drugs is not something safe. It doesn't matter what you're buying or selling. We have people that are using guns during any type of drug deal."

Clemens says no one was injured in the incident.

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