Sioux Falls City council created a path to possibly move public input at their weekly meetings to the end each meeting. Concerns were raised that citizens would need to wait through a one to two hour meeting before having their opportunity to speak.The vote on Tuesday (June 13) was four to three with Councilors Rick Kiley, Marshall Selberg, Curt Soehl and Greg Neitzert voting for the second reading, while councilors Janet Brekke, Pat Starr and Therea Stehly voted it down. Christine Erickson was absent.

Over 30 people, including Craig Lloyd, Tom Walsh, Ann Hajek and Kermit Staggers addressed the council in favor of keeping public input at the beginning of the meeting. No residents spoke in favor of moving public input to the back of the meeting.

Concerns had arisen about public input when a small group of reoccurring residents took the platform airing on television and live video to voice their concerns in ways that grew more intense over time.

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