Based on my own experience, Sioux Falls is a great city to begin an individual’s professional career!  Now, CNBC recently confirmed my personal statement with the station’s release of ZipRecruiter’s most recent data, the "Top Hottest Job Markets in 2020."

According to the article from CNBC, Sioux Falls cracks not just the Top 10 but actually the Top 3 in the Hottest Job Markets survey!  This is primarily due to the numerous job opportunities in health care and financial services in Sioux Falls.  The article states, "The city has several major hospitals, including the headquarters for Sanford Health, which has nearly 500 job openings in Sioux Falls alone. South Dakota has no corporate income tax, which makes its cities an attractive place for companies to establish headquarters. Wells Fargo and Citi are some of the biggest employers in Sioux Falls."  The major employers in Sioux Falls that are identified in this list include Sanford Health, Avera Health, and Smithfield Foods.  The average income for Sioux Falls’ residents is reportedly $44,850 per year.

Check out Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken's tweet to witness firsthand his excitement for our amazing city! #SoDak

Click here for the complete list from CNBC!

Source: CNBC

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