How do you score big-time points with a group of firefighters battling a blaze on a REALLY hot July day? You give them free popsicles, of course.

That's exactly what a Schwan's truck driver did on Thursday afternoon here in the Sioux Empire.

KSFY TV is reporting that a semi-truck caught fire Thursday, (July 18) on I-90 at the Humboldt exit.

According to the report, the semi was hauling a trailer load full of pigs at the time of the fire. None of the pigs were harmed during the blaze. So don't worry, there wasn't a big bacon fry along the interstate, all the little piggies got out safely, as well as the driver of the truck.

However, as KSFY reports, firefighters had to shutdown the Humboldt exit and were tasked with the job of extinguishing the fiery truck and cleaning up the subsequent mess that followed afterwards. Not a fun job, especially on a hot July day with the heat index hovering over 100 degrees.

Enter the Schwan's man to save the day with free popsicles. Once he arrived on scene, I imagine it felt a lot like Kool-Aid Man bursting through a brick wall to come take your thirst away.


Source: KSFY TV 

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