Hey, Sioux Falls music fans, we want to let you know about a benefit for Heidi Hall coming up on Saturday, September 19th. But first, here's a little background:

Heidi Hall went to the doctor because of some stomach issues she'd been having. She was then dealt with the terrible news that it was stage-3 cancer. She prepared for the unknown which includes 6 months of chemotherapy, radiation, followed by surgery to remove the mass.

Her husband Nate says, "Those who know Heidi, knows she's a beast, a fighter who will kick cancer's ass."

Along with Nate, they have 3 kids at home: Aysia, Caden, and Rio.

Obviously, the costs and medical bills are overwhelming and since we live in the best part of the country and lead by example when it comes to helping others, a benefit has been set up to help them financially. Please join them at 4:00 PM on Saturday, September 19 at Big J's Roadhouse in Humboldt, South Dakota, for a silent auction, food, drinks, and entertainment.

If you can't make it, cash donations are accepted at any Plain's Commerce Bank under 'Fight Like Hall.'

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