"Empire State of Mind" was hit song by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys back in 2009. "Sioux City State of Mind" is a song by Jose the MC in 2018.

I am originally from the Sioux City area and am proud of where I come from. I love my home state of Iowa so when I saw this video come up on Facebook, I had to stop and listen.

The music video is full of Sioux City landmarks including The Tyson Event Center, The Hard Rock, Grandview Park, and most importantly La Juanitas!!! Seriously, there could not be a song about Sioux City without including La Juanitas!

I don't know who Jose is or where he is from or what high school he went to, but I think this song is pretty good. I will say, full disclosure, when the chorus came in, it was hard for me to take it seriously. I mean it's hard to sing something that Alicia Keys sang. It was just a little weird for me.

I'm sure Jose's hopes are for this to go viral and I hope he gets at least some recognition for the hard work he put in.

I mean the last time Sioux City went viral it was for "We Built Sioux City on Rock n Roll." Remember that?

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